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Conversion is the most valued activity on the web from which sales are generated. Marketers perform conversion research to help sellers identify how to increase conversions and thereby boost their overall sales.

Propel Theory’s team of experts specializes in performing CRO analyses that enhance your marketing strategies by highlighting which factors are holding back your online traffic from generating conversions.


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CRO Services Offered by Propel Theory

We are a CRO agency and we make sure that our clients always have tests running on their pages to see how users interact with them and also use analytics tools like Google Analytics or Redpoint to gauge if prospects are taking the right actions that a company would like. We conduct in-depth conversion rate optimization audits and run research studies to find out what problems people have when visiting your site and what they do during different parts of the sales funnel. These practices allow us to optimize your calls to action and other site elements for better conversion rates.

Google Analytics is a free service that allows businesses to fully understand their customer behavior. This customer behavior analysis software tracks site user analytics data (including traffic, bounce rate, page views, and average session duration) to help businesses ensure customers are satisfied with their offerings. We leverage Google Analytics reports to improve your CRO goals and ensure online success.

Studies have shown that when a website has only a few fields on its registration or contact form, there is a 120% more likely chance of people completing that process and ultimately becoming clients. This just confirms the importance of how brevity and simplicity can significantly contribute to your business’s efforts in lowering bounce rates and increasing overall sales. To improve the functionality, accessibility, and usability of your company’s online presence, our CRO consultant identifies best practices when it comes to implementing certain design and development changes while prioritizing short-term results that you can monitor yourself on your analytics platform.

We believe in data-driven conversion rate optimization. That is why our conversion optimization agency performs various A/B testing solutions, including multivariate and split testing, depending on your website’s performance and the nature of your business needs. Our A/B testing services range from simply switching out different calls to action to changing specific landing pages for a product or service to see what works most effectively.

​Heat maps are a useful graphic representation of how users navigate your site. They illustrate the points on your website which generate the most interest and active engagement – indicating positive or negative responses, depending on where they fall. Depending on what we see here, we can make changes to the design of our page and its elements accordingly: if there are problems we might change your call to action buttons, images, copy or navigation menu options, or content positioning – if everything is working well then we won’t change anything to avoid disrupting a winning formula.

Our CRO consultant collaborates with other Propel Theory digital marketing consultants and experts in your vertical to create a solid, data-driven foundation for generating qualified leads and converting customers. We perform necessary split testing of your site elements including CTA buttons, page content, keywords, and target audiences as well as prioritize creating a positive user experience for better ROI/SaaS scalability.

Types of Online Reputation Management

Personal reputation management serves an individual, whereas business reputation management represents a corporate brand. Distinguishing between the two categories is easy when you know your goals and needs.

Personal Reputation Management

In today’s world, cyber-stalking is everywhere. To lessen your chances of being denied in college because of the information you see about yourself online (even if this information isn't accurate), it is essential to monitor your reputation on social media and take proactive steps to reduce its effect. Even working professionals will suffer because of this. Salespeople might lose clients or have trouble gaining meetings, and freelance or contract workers might lose work opportunities if their harmful content appears in search results ahead of an up-to-date portfolio.

Brand Reputation Management

Ninety-eight per cent of customers trust online customer reviews as a source of information when making purchasing decisions. Additionally, eighty per cent have admitted to changing their mind about buying a particular product or service based on negative customer reviews found online. Our professional team works day and night to maintain your brand value intact through review sites, social networks, images, articles, videos, and comments.

Online Privacy Management

Internet privacy management means keeping your name and information private on the internet. Online privacy management includes removing unwanted links, blogs, or other designs from your website and keeping your data off people’s search sites and the rest of the Internet while also protecting your online reputation and privacy.

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Why Hire A CRO Agency For Your Business_

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Why Hire a CRO Agency For Your Business?

Marketers tend to focus the bulk of their resources on driving traffic to their websites, without any mind to how they intend on converting those visitors into revenue-generating leads.

Propel Theory, being one of the best CRO agencies out there, can help you do all that and more. Here are some benefits of hiring a CRO agency for your business.

  1. CRO strictly focuses on maximizing the website’s effectiveness, online sales, and conversion rates.
  2. The focus of conversion rate optimization is on improving the customer experience.
  3. Perform conversion rate optimization to make the most of the traffic and turn a higher percentage of visitors into paying customers.
  4. CRO helps prevent wasted time on unnecessary changes and allows the website to be viewed in ways that are relevant to an audience.
  5. Optimized, focused content on your site and functionality will make it rank higher in search engine rankings.

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Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of optimizing your website elements and design to achieve success. The most common form of conversion is sales but it certainly can vary based on objectives. The purpose of conversion optimization is to increase digital performance through UX/UI changes, statistical data analysis, and user behavior prediction. Through conversion optimization, you can increase your website’s conversions which in turn leads to better converting traffic types, increased customer lifetime value, and even more site traffic overall.

Some aspects of CRO are content creation, analytics, SEO, paid ad management, and web development.

In this increasingly competitive online marketplace, the conversion rate is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs), if not the single most important one. What is conversion optimization if not a way to maximize the effectiveness of your CRO website and turn more visitors into customers? If your website is struggling to convert, then you are essentially losing money with each passing day.

A conversion rate optimization company will work to achieve high levels of customer engagement while driving down the costs associated with your web lead generation process. It is best to understand the role of a CRO agency by taking an example of a website that sees 1,000 visitors per month and has a 5% conversion rate. If it were up to the conversion rate optimization company, then this same site could easily boost its sales numbers by more than double with similar visitor traffic, merely by increasing conversions.

A 1 percent marketing conversion rate is equivalent to one lead for every 100 visitors. If you were to increase this rate to 3 percent, this would mean 3 leads for every 100 visitors that your website could potentially receive. That’s multiplication without the addition of any extra traffic or customers, just by increasing the proportion of people who make it down the sales or marketing funnel and get converted.

Propel Theory is a leading CRO company that provides essential training and consulting services on conversion rate optimization to help small business owners efficiently grasp the essentials of how CRO works so that they can improve their overall online sales and profits.

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