Programmatic Advertising Certification Course

Programmatic Advertising comes with a promise of making the ad buying process more efficient and cheap by reducing human intervention. Programmatic Advertising opens a series of opportunities. It enables you to do better targeting. We will monitor Audience insights and campaign performance to increase your conversion rate.

Course Description

Programmatic advertising is the process of automated digital media buys. This involved exchanges, demand-side platforms and trading desks. In this course on Programmatic Advertising Online Course, we will be covering the story of programmatic, targeting, servers and bidders, the audience buys, setting a programmatic campaign and the future of programmatic. Some advantages of taking this course are- budget-friendly, campaign management, ease of access and others.

Course Details

  • Learn about RTB, DMP, Audience buying etc.
  • LIVE online classes for advanced programmatic buying
  • Learn Google Double Click and Media Math
  • 1 Month course with Hands-on Training

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Programmatic Advertising Course Modules

In this module of Programmatic Advertising Online Course, we will start the course with the history of programmatic. Following the history, we will cover types of ad networks and their varieties and ad exchange, infographics, SSP, DSPs and DMP.

The Ad server and bidder module, students will be taught on how to use an ad-server, its functions and capabilities. Along with details about ad servers, students will be taught about ad bidders, their working and how to sync with an ad server.

DMP or data management platform is an integral part of the Ad-tech ecosystem. We will be teaching about DMP and how DMP is used for variety of audiences.

Creatives play vital when ads come into play. In this module, you will be learning about all the possible formats of creatives and DCO that are involved in ads.

The penultimate module consists of a visual ad format i.e. video campaigns. Also, you’ll be taught about strategies that can be used for specifically YouTube.

In the second module, you will be learning about RTB. Starting from the history, we will be covering the process of RTB. Other topics that will be covered include open exchange, PMP, preferred deals and PG deals.

Audiences buy makes use of data insights. Also, the use of algorithms helps serving ads to the right user, at the right time and in the right price. This module also covers 1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party audiences and audience’s discovery as well.

In this module, we will be covering another integral part of the ad-tech ecosystem i.e. DSP. You’ll be learning about the hierarchy of a DSP platform. Also, we will mention about targeting in campaign line item as well.

After the learnings in the previous modules, this module pieces them all together. This module teaches about the budgeting involved and the pacing of the ads. Also, we will viewability and brand strategy will be covered.

The last module comprises of lessons containing information on the future of programmatic. It speaks of the upcoming measures, and services to be provided to the users. It covers tag guarantee and header bidding as well.

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Tools provided

To aid your learning process, you will be provided with various materials to facilitate your learning of Programmatic Advertising. This includes detailed course modules, video lessons, notes and syllabus.

Programmatic Advertising Certifications

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