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Twitter marketing is a phrase used to describe a number of strategies and techniques that aim to reach potential customers through the Twitter platform. The goals of this type of social media marketing are similar to other types in that businesses want more followers, inquiries, sales, and brand recognition.

Propel Theory is a Twitter marketing agency that comes armed with a decade of experience in social media marketing. If you want to level up your social media game, we have got you covered.


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Twitter Marketing Services Offered by Propel Theory

Before you can share your Tweets with the world, you need to have an optimized profile! Your Twitter profile is like your introduction to a new circle of friends. New people will see it before they read your Tweets and decide whether or not they should follow you back. We’ll get your profile set up just right by using descriptive keywords that are relevant to the type of customers you want to attract. This way, when Twitter users search for something related to what you’re tweeting about, they’ll find you!

To attract new followers, we want to ensure that what we’re sharing with our audience is relevant to them. To do this, we use a quality assurance process which involves focusing communication efforts on your ideal audience while also engaging with your potential followers. After this, we work on creating and managing a follower community on Twitter that encompasses detailed elements such as their interests and social tendencies. This strategy will help you establish an active following of your own- without negatively impacting the experiences of those interacting with you in the future!

Paid advertising on Twitter allows you to target niche audiences down to keywords they search for and TV shows they watch. Our expert in paid account management creates optimized ads for your products and services that go beyond just targeting one keyword to focus more on the content and context. Pause lower performing ads if needed, so that you can spend more money on both increasing the visibility of your top performers, as well as supporting a healthy and effective rotation strategy.

Promoting great content is a huge part of what Twitter is all about. Our expert social media team analyzes the right industry hashtags and content topics to entice your target audience within Twitter. We create the content at optimal times in order to drive engagement.

To help you keep your audience engaged on Twitter and maximize the potential for converting your followers into website visitors, we’re using Twitter Cards to make sure that each time someone shares a link to one of your pieces of content, it’s presented in a format that is attractive and engaging.

Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram marketing?

Before launching any product in the market, it’s essential to research product development. It’s the place where the market begins. Because it’s the stage where you refine your product, test it, and will create a launch strategy.

Market Introduction

After launching a product, the next step is to introduce it. And our marketing team will focus on building product awareness and set strategies to reach your targeted audience.

Market Growth

Consumers have embraced your product and are buying into your marketing in the life cycle. And we design the perfect game plan for demanding profit growth and the exempted competition, which seems to interrupt your success.


You're entering the maturity stage when sales begin to level off from rapid growth. And being a life cycle marketing agency, our marketing team will help you calculate the reduction of prices to stay competitive.

Market Decline

The last stage is the market declination of your product due to several reasons. And we will help you to draw another strategy to get maximum revenue from this declined market.

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Why Do I Need Propel Theory as My Twitter IMAGE

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Why Do I Need Propel Theory as My Twitter Marketing Agency?

When it comes to social media marketing for a Twitter strategy, the primary objective is to attract new followers and leads, boost conversions, improve brand recognition, and increase sales. The goal of Twitter marketing is to create an audience that’s engaged with your target market by creating and publishing engaging content. It’s also absolutely vital to measure your results on social media in order to improve effectiveness.

These are a few reasons why you should consider hiring Propel Theory, one of the Best Twitter marketing agencies out there.

  1. When someone looks at your company’s Twitter profile, you want them to understand what the business does without even reading anything. You need to customize your company’s profile with a recognizable logo and an easily-recognized description so that anyone who sees it knows that this is a brand account for your own business!
  2. Hosting a Twitter chat can help you engage with and keep your followers happy, create a sense of community, and ask your audience for their opinions or ideas.
  3. Engage and expand your audience with relevant information that inspires comments, retweets, favorites and shares. This highly-engaged social platform can be hugely important for any business goal in the 21st century – whether we’re talking about generating brand awareness or simply providing fast-paced customer service like 85% of small-to-medium brands on Twitter!
  4. When you hire Propel Theory, you hire a team of dedicated Twitter marketing experts who will work around the clock to make sure that your profile is on fleek.
  5. With dedicated experts taking care of your Twitter handle, you will be able to focus on growing your business.

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A Twitter Marketing strategy is a plan involving Twitter that’s focused on bringing customers to your site or wherever they may need to go based on what your business revolves around by creating, publishing and distributing content. The goal of this type of strategy is to get people to convert, have a much better perception of you and your company/products/services and to increase sales.

Some aspects of Twitter marketing are account creation, account optimisation, content creation, research and paid advertisement management.

We want to tell you about Twitter. Twitter has 316 million active users. 79% of the people who use Twitter recommend a brand or product that they follow. Many companies don’t realize this, but Twitter is an important tool for B2B, especially if they’re direct-to-consumer (DTC). People don’t think that because they have products and services that are either made to be sold to other businesses or they don’t think that businesses can sell on twitter. But this is a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to build relationships with their customers, making them into leads and using these leads so that the business converts these people into customers.

Agencies use Twitter to dig deeper into the interests of their clients’ target audiences and craft more relevant content. By targeting specific individuals with customized content, agencies can enhance the user experience for their customers at scale—like knowing which tweet will resonate best with a client by leveraging previous data for one-to-one personalization across the lifetime value of a user through retargeting, remarketing and lookalike targeting tools like Conversation Targeting, Tweet Engagers & Custom Audience List Creator.

As a business owner, you might not have the expertise to be the best marketing agent possible. However, when you hand over your twitter marketing responsibilities to an agency that specializes in such tasks, you’ll be able to enjoy more time for yourself and focus on other important matters to do with running your business!

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