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Our ROI-driven marketing policies are strategically designed to ensure your healthcare business generates maximum profit. We’re not just a healthcare digital marketing agency; We are the best patient-oriented marketing agency and have been going our own way with experience and transparency for years.


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We usually layout and execute our virtual advertising techniques regarding our client’s necessities and maximise their sales return on investment. Our marketing group is as a top caregiver as you’re for your patients.

Our team knows how complicated web layouts and their improvements are! Specifically, if the health care industry surrounds it. These are an umbrella period that describes making a website. As the call suggests, it includes original talent sets: net design and net improvement. Web layout determines the appearance and sense of a website, while net gain determines how it functions.

And while designing your website, we keep these things clearly in our head, prioritising your mode of action.

Our paid search advertising segment allows you to marketise your services in the sponsored listings of top search engines like google or bing etc., or an accomplice web page by paying both on every occasion. As a result, whenever a visitor clicks on your advertisement or, less commonly, your advertisement is displayed, or while a phone call is generated, it automatically increases your ranking on the search engine result pages.

We have a vast knowledge of social media marketing and know how to use it as a tool for your business. We use every social media platform to connect with your audience, build your service into a brand, increase your revenue and drive traffic to your website.

We primarily move our every strategical tactic around SEO. Because search engine optimisation is the procedure of enhancing the impressive number of internet site visitors to an internet site or an internet web page from seek engines. And we use these objectives for unpaid site visitors and prefer to design our strategies to convert them into direct site visitors or paid site visitors.

We, the Propel Theory, practice, and craft strategies for your industry to shape or influence the public perception of your organisation. Our team is highly efficient in continually moulding public opinion about your services.

We use every patient engagement tool like telehealthcare, payment plans, artificial intelligence systems, appointment reminders, patient portal, vaccination records, demographics, up-front payment programming, etc., for branding your firm at its highest.

Types of SEO

SEO is not something about specific search results, or it is not a particular kind of optimisation. But SEO is more diversified than this, and it includes various other aspects of digital marketing, which we usually forget to remember.

So, here, let’s look at how many types of SEO are available to enhance your traffic while net surfing.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is something that we are most familiar with. This part of SEO includes all the details you want to show to your readers on the first page. An effective on-page SEO is designed with high quality, informative content that ranks well and has the potential to solve existing customer problems.

Off-Page SEO

While on-page SEO is quite understandable, off-page SEO involves more grasp of the concept. This part of the SEO is related to link building optimisation. Off-page consists of the maximum and the most challenging part of SEO because this part is responsible for bringing visitors to your website. Off-page SEO is the one that makes your website appear in the highest searching rank.

Technical SEO

Some digital market specialists consider this part of SEO a subset of the on-page SEO. In short, technical SEO is related to the on-page SEO but must do things that go behind the scenes—for example, search engines. Or, optimising images, using a secure HTTPS connection, caching information to speed load times, uploading detailed sitemaps, and other technical factors can help your SEO.

Local SEO

Though the whole world is standing in a voyage of digitisation, thousands of businesses have and will have physical existence. And precisely at that point, local SEO works to find out customers for them.

Link Building

In this world of digitisation, link building is one of the prime actions that SEO needs the most attention because it increases the number and quality of content, which eventually increases the search engine ranking of your website.

E-Commerce SEO

e-commerce SEO is nothing but an optimisation process to make it digitally more visible. It gives the highest priority to SERPs.

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Marketing of any business brand can be done in two ways: be one in the bunch or make your signature and compel the world to follow you. But any canny marketer would have agreed with us that it’s impossible to attract people at the first encounter with a brand. Winning people’s hearts while sick and turning them into your potential service taker takes a lot of time, and gaining their trust takes more than that. So, to create a mark on your own’s health care industry, you will need an expert. And you must pay a necessity in digital marketing agency like us, like Propel theory.

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Digital marketing tactics can promote hospitals in many ways. Let’s find out the key points behind it: 

  1. Prospective patients hang around online
  2. The increasing usage of mobile devices
  3. Tracking down digital matrices
  4. Maximum use of email marketing
  5. Targeting the particular demographics
  6. Valuing reputation with most prospective patients
  7. Attracting your young visitors
  8. Agree with the fact that every industry is changing, and the health care industry is not exempted

It is Not only digital marketing a lucrative strategy for getting more patients but also a cost-effective way of advertising a healthcare service.

Let’s explore some key advantages. 

  1. Cost per acquisition
  2. Location-based targeting
  3. Data-driven decision
  4. Better visibility in search engines
  5. Increased patient referrals
  • Plan for local SEO
  • Consider Pay per click advertising
  • Social and mobile media marketing
  • Investment on email marketing

Your health care business may face plenty of problems that can only be solved by proper digital marketing.

Here, we give you a list of some issues we address to provide you with 6

  • Achieving profitable growth
  • Attracting cases that the doctors either enjoy or are expertise.
  • Protecting and helping you to grow market share against competition.
  • Building the professional reputation of the provider with the community and peers
  • Helping you to reach out ‘ideal patient’ directly and cost-effectively
  • Changing the mix of patients or types of cases
  • Will help you to win more professional referrals.

Despite giving the best treatment, no doctor can assure a patient’s outcome; likewise, this question also can’t be answered in yes or no. But after our learnings from the effects of thousands of health care marketing and campaigns, we can assure you that it definitely reduces the risk.

We have already worked with several health care industries, which made us learn how should we design and implement our marketing strategy based on the needs.

We want to say here that don’t think about the process of setting up a budget but rather begin with the result in your mind. There are many spaces where marketing budget approaches can go wrong. So, it’s better to start with overall incremental growth objectives, even if your marketing strategy involves several segments.

Medical practice management broadly embraces operational matters like coding, payer section, accounts receivable, staffing, HIPAA, software, cost management, etc. Medical marketing focuses on your market reputation, attracting patients, getting your phone ring for first appointments etc.

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