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Programmatic uses algorithms, data mining and automated machinery to target consumer audiences by serving them ads at opportune times.

Propel Theory serves as a strategic digital marketing agency that’s been in the business for years, which is why we can get campaigns up and running with less effort because of having been there and done that. Our adverts are well-targeted, coming at just the right time for your potential clients and are also within reach of your competitors.


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Programmatic Advertising Services Offered By Propel Theory

Our professional team at Propel Theory works with each client to inform them on developing strategies based on their target customer base so they will be able to reach exactly who they need to to reach their sales quotas. We want you to succeed just as much as you do!

Propel Theory is a creative digital marketing agency specializing in performance advertising, paid search management, and conversion optimization. As a result of these unique insights into the online world of digital marketing, Propel has developed advanced expertise in creating strategic advertising solutions that are tailored to each audience’s preference.

Our team of designers knows exactly how to position your campaigns to be the most appealing. We will make sure the tools we use appeal directly to the audience that you are trying to get your message out there too.

We’ll help you take charge of your digital marketing and help monitor your ad performance so you can get the most out of your programmatic efforts! Once we analyze the best ways to optimize your programmatic advertising, you’re sure to see excellent results.

We provide multiple quality checks that allow you to experiment with different versions of your content and better understand which of these variations appeals to your audience the most.

Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram marketing?

Before launching any product in the market, it’s essential to research product development. It’s the place where the market begins. Because it’s the stage where you refine your product, test it, and will create a launch strategy.

Market Introduction

After launching a product, the next step is to introduce it. And our marketing team will focus on building product awareness and set strategies to reach your targeted audience.

Market Growth

Consumers have embraced your product and are buying into your marketing in the life cycle. And we design the perfect game plan for demanding profit growth and the exempted competition, which seems to interrupt your success.


You're entering the maturity stage when sales begin to level off from rapid growth. And being a life cycle marketing agency, our marketing team will help you calculate the reduction of prices to stay competitive.

Market Decline

The last stage is the market declination of your product due to several reasons. And we will help you to draw another strategy to get maximum revenue from this declined market.

Platforms That will Take Your Mobile App Development to the Next Level

Why Should Your Hire Propel Theory As Your Programmatic Marketing Agency_

You would get

Why Should Your Hire Propel Theory as Your Programmatic Marketing Agency?

We, Propel Theory use the best available Programmatic and analytics technologies to help you better sense your advertisements by taking the guesswork out of your media buying. Programmatic technology becomes a more manageable list that tells where your ad will appear, so you don’t have to worry about anything else except the results. In contrast, our programmatic technology monitors the data to see how successful the campaign has been based on metrics that provide information on how much money was spent on various campaigns, keyword lists, targeting types etc.

So, When an agency like us handles your programmatic advertising, you can expect to find greater transparency and control over your campaign.

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Programmatic advertising is a way for businesses to automatically buy and optimize their digital campaigns, rather than buying directly from publishers. It’s a machine learning/AI-optimized approach designed to replace human negotiations with a sort of auction where ads are bought in real-time as soon as someone visits the page.

There are mainly four types of programmatic ads approach. These are

  • Open Auction.
  • Private Auction.
  • Preferred Deal.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed.

Programmatic advertising provides an automated way of buying and selling advertising that simplifies the process for advertisers. Using technology to purchase media, it’s now possible for businesses marketing products and services to connect with an audience based on demographics, behavior, and interests.

With our programmatic ad tech, your advertising strategy can be formulated to hit receptive audience members based on how they are feeling in that particular moment because of how their emotions have been stirred – thanks to ever more sophisticated data sets that aren’t immediately apparent, such as knowing if your viewers have consumed news about a current event.

Whenever you need to understand the results of your marketing campaigns better, there are certain things that you can look into, such as contacting a programmatic agency. You must realise that none of this is easy alone, and what may be required is some combination of sensibilities.

And agencies like us who manage to appreciate both essentials will make for tremendous allies to lean on, who will help increase ROI and reap more value out of every paid ad campaign your team runs – especially when it comes down to expanding reach via powerful programmatic platforms!

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