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Marketing Automation Agency in NC that

maintains a workflow that can drive successful audience interaction and results on an autopilot.

Businesses and Marketers are under constant pressure and we succumb to the fact that we are humans and we can only do so much and yet not be there for our customers all around. Our marketing automation strategies are omni-channel and platform agnostic and we work on the tools which you love or budget that suits you- Hubspot, Marketo, Leadsqaured and more


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Build, automate and grow

Digital Campaigns with Automation

We basically create and manage a system with automated workflows that works 24*7 on its own while integrating customers actions on all the marketing channels with pre-defined rules/conditions.

This saves time and cost and increases ROI, loyalty and engagement/conversion rate.

Autoresponders are automated messages/notifications triggered based on specific actions taken by customers and can be pushed through email, push notifications, SMS etc.

You have certainly felt the magic when you visited a popular E-commerce website or even interacted with their Ads. You can show your Ads to website visitors and retarget them on multiple channels to increase the conversion rate.

We create, run and manage powerful ROI driven marketing campaigns through Display, Native and Programmatic platforms.

Old wine in a new bottle and with mixers too- that’s direct marketing on digital platforms for you. Email, SME, WhatsApp and other direct messaging methods are still powerful and has the highest ROI as much as 42x the investment which you make.

It surely needs creative communication, powerful tools, highly targeted segmentation- supported by analytics. It works like a charm for both B2B and B2C. Ask us and we’ll show you the tricks.

It’s no brainer that we live in the mobile first world. Within a limited real estate and each App vouching for it, much needed customer attention can be a far-fetched dream if not supported well by the push notifications.

Just like Emails, Push notifications can drive great results for the App based businesses at a fraction of costs which paid Ads have.

Your business’ digital presence would mean that customers can interact with you 24*7. You can sleep well, while leaving the job of handling your customers to Chat Bots.

Our team has created hundreds of templates for different businesses with guided workflow and instructions for these bots which can resolve 80% of customer queries on its own. Plugin our bots into your website or App, watch them do the job with perfection.

We also create NLP driven custom chatbots for fairly larger firms with complex operations.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are not just buzz words but part of us everywhere even though we might notice them. A larger part of Digital marketing is driven by AI and ML today. It could be as simple as a response or acknowledgment for a comment on social media post or it could be showing the next relevant product for your customer based on his past purchase behaviour.

Marketing costs would surge and conversion would suffer if you don’t consider integrating AI and ML once you begin to scale your business.

Automation Platforms and Techniques that you use

Marketing Automation Services With Conversion Funnel

You would get

Marketing Automation Services with Conversion Funnel

A software is as good as you know how to use it. The reality is that most of us don’t even use our email or messaging software to more than 20% of what they can offer. Our team of domain and automation experts would help you set up the automation with conversion funnel including personalization. Your Analytics would show you better numbers when you login next.


  • Discovery and Status Call
  • Automation Software Selection
  • Implementation with Funnel
  • Optimization and Scaling
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Scale Lead Generation/Revenue

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