Top Local SEO statistics For Small Business

Top Local SEO Statistics for Small Businesses

Local SEO is the process of improving search engine visibility for local businesses. It targets local customers, i.e., the people near your location. Google’s new algorithm is a fresh take on local SEO. It’s time for business to re-evaluate their processes for local search. An effective content strategy can help your small business thrive in the new world of local search.

As Google continues to develop its algorithms, it has become more critical than ever to create content for local SEO. This blog article offers some insight into the top local SEO statistics that can either make or break your local SEO campaign. Local SEO is extremely important for small businesses. It provides them additional visibility in local searches.

Local SEO has become one of the most effective methods for local businesses to grow online. Local business needs to understand the strategy that would determine their rankings in these searches to stay ahead of the game. Here are some of the top local SEO statistics for small businesses:

  1. 46% of All Searches on Google are for Local Businesses: About more than 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, 1.6 billion of them include local intent. People today are relying on Google to find local businesses. If you as a business owner don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing the opportunity to drive local traffic for your business. You would have the chance to gain more valuable leads by investing in a local SEO plan.
  1. 97% of People who use Online Search Look for Local Businesses: No wonder, consumers are becoming more reliant on the internet to find products and services. However, did you know that most of the users use search engines to find businesses nearby?

Local search statistics reveal that 12% search for a local business every day. Local search statistics also indicate that having an effective search engine optimization strategy can get you ahead of the game. So, it’s time for investing more into local Google searches that will make you more visible to potential customers.

  1. Every Month, Searchers Visit 1.5 billion Locations Related to Their Google Searches: Today, consumers are not only searching for local businesses, but they’re also using local search to compare products and services. Consumers are visiting 1.5 billion physical locations every month based on Google searches and reviews. This statistic also indicates that a comprehensive local SEO campaign is a mandate for local businesses.
  1. Over 75% of Voice-Enabled Speaker Owners Use Voice Search Each Week to Discover a Local Company: It has been found that people use a voice search device like a voice-enabled speaker while looking for a local company. Hence, if you don’t adapt to voice search devices, you would miss out on leads that use these devices to find your business. With over one billion voice searches each month, such a tactic has been gaining popularity and is a mandate for your local business.

It ensures that you drive local leads who use Siri, Google Home, or Alexa to find local businesses like yours.

  1. The Search for the phrase ‘near me’ Doubled Last Year: The popularity of the phrase ‘near me’ in terms of local search has been rising. Between 2015 and 2026, ‘near me’ from mobile searches are supposed to grow by 136%. If you are available on Google local results when a customer is searching, it is likely for him/her to visit your store.
  1. For 18% of Marketers, Local Link Building is a Key Local SEO Strategy They want to Invest in: Local link building has become one of the most popular marketing tactics for small businesses. According to local SEO statistics, marketers want to invest more in-
  • Development of content.
  • Website design.
  • On-site optimization.
  • Review management.
  • Email marketing.
  • Technical needs.
  • Social media.
  • Technical analysis of traffic, ranking, and conversions.
  1. 56% of Local Businesses haven’t Claimed their Google My Business listing: If your business hasn’t claimed Google My Business listing, your business information search will be poor. Since it’s a free tool that allows owners to offer more detailed information to prospects and clients, you should claim your Google My Business listing.
  1. 4% of All Clicks go to the First Result of Local Business Searches: Statistics show that 24.4% of all clicks go to the first result of local business searches. This local SEO statistic for 2022 highlights the importance of local SEO for small businesses. Businesses outranking their local competition would attract almost a quarter of customers performing that search.
  1. 62% of Consumers will Disregard a Business once they can’t find them online: Roughly two-thirds of users will not associate with businesses if they can’t find their information online. This statistic is making business owners shift online. Businesses with plenty of information and contact details available online make a trustworthy and legitimate impression on the customers.

Today, business information search has become so important that consumers don’t trust businesses that have no online profile.

  1. 88% of Potential Customers Look for Online Reviews before Choosing local services: Online reviews lets you flaunt the quality of your business services with great verve. Roughly 88% of the consumers read reviews before proceeding with a company.

Positive online reviews from satisfied customers can make a business look trustworthy. Being social proof, these impact sales and prove to Google that your business offers a valuable service.

  1. 86% of Customers use Google Maps to find Local Businesses: According to local SEO statistics from Google Maps, 86% of the customers use Google Maps to search local stores and businesses. Google maps play a pivotal role in connecting businesses with local customers. Hence, your business gets must be found on Google maps. Here lies the importance of a healthy and consistently updated Google My Business listing.
  1. 29% of people search for Local Businesses at Least once a week: Local searches have become common. 29% of consumers are conducting searches for a local business every week. We are sure that you don’t want to miss the opportunity to drive them to your local business.
  1. 28% of Local Searches Result in a Purchase: Statistics show that 28% of local searches result in a purchase. So, you’re attracting leads that can become loyal and regular customers for your business. If you don’t have a local strategy, chances are high that you would miss out on potential conversions for your local business.

Have you ever wondered on the fact that why do people convert on local searches? It is perhaps because they know that the product, they’re looking for is near them.

These were some of the top local SEO statistics for small businesses. These are also the best practices for local SEO campaigns. Local SEO plays a crucial role for your local business. Follow the tactics that are indicated by these statistics and take your small business to unparalleled levels.

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