Why Your Business Should Integrate AdWords and Google My Business

46% of the searches on Google are for local businesses, services, and products (GoGulf). They actually reflect billions of high value searches for local businesses and services.

If you have a local business that uses Google Adwords as part of your online advertising strategy, you can hugely benefit from linking your Adwords account to your Google My Business Profile.

You can control how your local business appears on Google services like Google Maps and Google Search by setting up a Business Profile on Google. Your business profile can assist clients in locating you if you run a business that provides services at a specific location or within a specified service area. Businesses on Google that have been verified are twice as likely to be trusted.

Google My Business is an excellent, free service that local businesses can use to connect with their local customers. A powerful advertising technique is at your fingertips if Google My Business is integrated with an effective pay-per-click campaign on Google Ads.

Want to find out how? – By using Local extensions
Local extensions are an excellent feature for advertisers to use in their Google Ads accounts. Local extensions showcase your company’s location and usually include a call-to-action button and an address that clients can click to get straight to your business’s doorstep.

They are a brilliant way for businesses to acquire more customers in their area by enhancing the user experience. This is particularly useful for firms with more than one physical location.

Using these in your adwords campagin can considerably improve your Google Ads quality score and boost click-through rates by maximising additional ad space for providing value through your ad.

How to begin leveraging location extensions in your Google Ads campaigns?
To access Location Extensions, you should first link your Google Adwords account to your Google My Business profile.

Steps to integrate Google My Business Profile with Google Adwords
With a Business Profile for your physical location or service area, you can convert visitors who find you on Google Search and Maps into potential clients. Make your profile stand out by including photos, offers, updates, and other features.

Determine if your company has a business profile (many businesses already do). Don’t create a new Business Profile if your company already owns one, as the verification could take time.

Create an account first if your company is new to Business Profile

How To Set Up Your My Business Profile

  • Go to Business Profile Manager.
  • Sign up on Google with your business email domain.
  • Enter your business name. Click Next.
  • You can also select your business from the list of suggested businesses that show up.
  • In case you get a message that the business has already been verified by someone, send a request for ownership of the Business Profile.
  • Find and select your business category. Click Next.
  • Select if you have a physical location for customers to visit.
  • Enter your business address and place the marker on the map as per the location of your business. Click Next.
  • Enter the cities, postal codes, or other localities that make up your company’s service area. Up to 20 service areas can be added.
  • Enter a valid phone number and website URL. Click Next.
  • Click Finish.
  • Select a verification method. Click Verify now.

How To Link Your Google Adwords To Your Googe My Business Profile

  • Sign in to your Google Adwords account.
  • Select Ads & extensions in the page menu on the left, then click Extensions at the top of the page.
  • Click the plus button, and select Location extension.
  • Your domain should appear instantly. If not, enter a domain to find available Business Profiles.
  • Choose Countries by clicking on the Edit setting pencil icon. Click on Save.
  • Find the Business Profile that best matches your business in the list. Click Select.
  • Ensure that the Business Profile appearing in the preview is correct, then click Continue.
  • The email address associated with the Business Profile will receive your request. Locations for that account will be authorized to appear as location extensions with your Google Ads once your request is accepted.

There is no better way to get the most as an advertiser than by using Google Ads. Upon doing so, you immediately begin taking advantage of the enormous volume of searches that happen on Google every day and gain the visibility you need to boost your business growth.

The approach that was previously relatively inexpensive for businesses to employ to generate leads and increase revenue has evolved into a fiercely competitive market that is crucial to many businesses.

There are a significant number of local businesses whose enhanced exposure in search results and more accessibility to connections with prospective customers are absolutely essential given the sheer size of the potential searcher pool.

Don’t lose out; boost your business by integrating Google My Business with your campaigns.

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